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Shoe Obsession

I started this blog to share my passion for fashion. Showing the most relevant news from the industry. All my life Ever since I remember, I have been dedicated to research and read about it, just to know and learn all I can. I am especially interested in the creation and design of clothes and accessories. Besides the latest trends and creations in the World of fashion and beauty. My main goal is to achieve a big understanding of the concepts and processes that involve the fashion industry, trough  a thorough analysis and research of the available information, that includes the work of the most influential designers.


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  1. Luis M
    December 28, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Hola q tal… estaba revisando una pagina sobre una pelicula llamada shelter y vi tu comentario y de repente me tope con tu blog y tu pasion por la moda, me encanto, estas al dia jaja… que bueno…. Mucho gusto….

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