Gucci: SS2013


Spring/Summer 2013

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After a very noir and nostalgic season, Milan is feeling very optimistic… Bright fuchsia opened the latest Gucci collection in fluid, and beautiful dresses where ruffles became the leit-motif. After that, a coral invasion took over the runway with sea prints and beautifully-luxurious-statement jewels. The sea was definitely in Giannini’s mind as we saw cobalt blue opening for different shades of green and blue, with more and more and more ruffles. But the inspiration was deeper than that, as the designer said before the show that she’d been inspired by Richard Avedon, specifically his portraits of such women as Marella Agnelli, Talitha Getty and Gloria Vanderbilt. It was pure resort luxury.

It was an under the sea trip with that signature Gucci look, surfacing to welcome animal prints in grey-ombré, with croc leather trims and python leather to complete the wildly luxurious collection of Gucci.

Simple and flattering shapes, beautifully and impeccably made clothes, with ruffles in every possible way, that are definitely going fly off the shelves as hot bread. As she had a little bit of everything for everybody – who can afford it off course -, including dazzling red carpet dresses… It was simply a beautiful collection but quite disappointing to be honest. I was not expecting ground-breaking fashion forward ideas but a commercially over the top decadently luxurious collection that would make me burn in desire, rather than the commercially safe – too safe – display of just beautiful outfits that we saw. Thank God for the statement jewelry that saved the day… So decadent and so luxurious, devilishly enchanting.

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