Christian Dior: SS2013

Christian Dior

Spring/Summer 2013

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The new season comes with a new designer and a fresh air for the legendary french house. As Raf Simons is turning Christian Dior upside down with a new aesthetic that we saw on the previous Couture show. And is becoming his new signature look, that leaves behind his pure modern minimalism with strong blocking behind, that we were used to for his Jil Sander immaculateness to add some serious drama. And I am not talking about that ‘who is in and who is out of the Dior family’ and those old exciting days of buzz and rumors after Galliano’s departure, which could overshadowed the belgian designer – But off course it did not -. I am talking about more theatrical pieces that were an eye fest.

Simons is approaching his signature aesthetic with a celebration of glitter, sparkle and shine with a party spirit that was as joyful as it was refreshing. “Everyone thought I was a minimalist,” Simons noted of his tenure at Sander. “I love minimalism. There will often be that kind of aesthetic; that kind of concept will be very often a part of my world. But it’s not the only thing that I’m interested in”.

Incredibly beautiful and desirable clothes invaded a runway full of pure luxury in decadently yet subtle rich clothes. We could see his famous color blocking on the runway but it was a wild take on it compared to his previous work. I do not know if it was because of the big amount of glitter and sparkle invading the runway that went from the shoes to the clothes to even take over the models’ eyes, but I just loved it. I know it was not full of ground breaking ideas, but I am a sucker for shiny… give me a a sequined dress and I am on board.

It felt so modern yet classic and timeless, with an interesting twist on everything. Like those beautiful long dresses at the end of the show with wide shiny and printed skirts attached to simple and luxuriously sporty tops. The Dior spirit was there with some hints of his signature New Look but through Simon’s eyes, that he claims is a bout liberation, a word that does not seem to go with the 1947‘s ‘New-Look’, but Simons begged to differ. “Mr. Christian Dior was giving a reaction to the aesthetic of the moment, which was a restrictive aesthetic,” he argued. “He brought fantasy again, and the whole idea about sensuality and the female body. And [the focus on] the waist, and the hip and the breast. It was a way of freeing up from a certain kind of restriction”.

Dior’s new golden boy has kept us very entertained for some time now, which proves that the legendary maison is on a good path thanks to the new Commander In Chief – well at least in the design team.

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