Burberry: SS2013

Burberry Prorsum

Spring/Summer 2013

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For us, the rest of the world is the epitome of British luxury but for England, it could not get any “Chavier” or let’s say… any more “Jersey Shore” than Burberry. The checks are seen here as the ultimate representation of tackiness, the chavs did to the legendary brand what Snooki is doing to Gucci with the handbags she is always carrying. Anyway, one way or another the latest “Chavy” collection was just beautiful – I guess that as long as it does not have those “infamous” checks is alright -, it was pure luxury, over the top chic luxury, no matter from what angle you are looking at it.

You always get a sense of nostalgia in the Burberry shows, you feel like you have been transported to a magical new world with a halo of heavenly-luxury. Not the most ground breaking fashion revolutionary ideas, yet edgy enough and commercially alluring.

It began with some pure and beautifully finished white ensembles with some hints of color that later transformed into the most delicious and fun pop of high-energy colors full of sophistication and optimism… “I wanted it playful, sassy and joyous with colors so intense you wring them out”, Bailey said after the show. An optimism that not only us but probably the company could also need during these difficult times… “You need to do things that make people smile, to have a point of view. And if you work with integrity and honesty, you can ride out the challenges”.

Lamé in rich colors and prints were ‘à la carte’ for us to choose in so many options including dresses and the traditional burberry trenches, that off course were a high note, but an expected delight that we saw coming after witnessing the men’s show a couple of months ago. Another appealing point of the show was that interesting – yet very shy – intention of a more avant-guard playfulness with volumes and bustiers shapes, something very new for Bailey. And off course, the craftsmanship was as impeccable and alluring as usual, with draped ensembles and beautiful leather trims to finish outerwear. The color palette was as optimistic and playful as it was sophisticated… From high energy bubble-gum tones to jewel tones and metal fabrics.

It was the usual Bailey luxury properly updated for this season with some little hints of edginess… “I saw some Norman Parkinson photographs from the the 40s and 50s with saturated colors and I found these beautiful photos in the Burberry archives of corsets and capes of the early 1900s”, the designer said after the show about his inspiration for the collection that had an indescribable new halo of freshness, a new air is been flowing in the Burberry house.

The peacock pieces at the end of the show were so decadently luxurious, that you can not help it but gasp of excitement and the finale with all the models lined up, walking with trenches in all those jewel tones was so magical and Oh! so Burberry.

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