Nicholas K: SS2013

Nicholas K

Spring/Summer 2013

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With a significant effort to improve its media presence… Nicholas K comes, not only with aFacebook Page that already has over 2,500 fans, but a fashion shows that was live-streamed in Times Square on the Jumbo Tron, and online by YouTube through their website for all the world to see, thanks to a partnership between Maybelline and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The problem here? If you missed the live show, apparently there is no way to watch a rerun, at least not for now.

Leaving that magnificent technological innovation aside, and focusing on what is really important, clothes off course… It was a very utilitarian collection full of those signature layers that scream Nicholas K, but with a luxurious edge that came in a multi-textured variety of fresh fabrics that went for earthy tones like sand to light shades of green, going through muted grey, black and blues. I loved those giants glasses that gave the an geeky explorer and aviator feeling to it.

The clothes were as commercially appealing as usual, with beautiful pieces full of details and constructions that makes them worth the investment, a jacket from Nicholas K becomes a basic that you would probably love forever.

Like all of their collections, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz took us to an exotic trip in which Sahara meets the New York coolness, with all the basics that felt completely new with the addition of chunkier knitwear, and beautiful and delicate printed pieces that we have not seen before on a Nicholas K show. This is all part of a brand that feels more and more sophisticated every season, with an elegant and glam twist added to its usual care-free coolness.

Every Nicholas K show feels like a New Yorker diary of a fantastic and adventurous trip full of excitement. And despite the fact that sometimes you could get lost in the big amount of pieces from all those references that feel like came from a lack of direction, it was as commercial and beautiful as it was innovative. They are definitely going in the right direction… The perfect way to sell edginess.


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