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Vogue US + Emma Stone

Kind Of Weird

The most incredibly beautiful and stylish funny girl covers the july issue of Vogue US. I love Hollywood’s new it girl who I think is just stunning, and is an appropriate choice for a Vogue cover, but this one by Mario Testino leaves me speechless but not in the good way. I do not know what to think, she is astonishingly gorgeous, but here she does not look attractive, but neither bad… She just looks weird. There are pics from her editorial that could be more appropriate, but the cover is just odd and kind of creepy. Last year became the first time for a lot of Hollywood new it girls which is great but this cover is just… something is not right.

But, is an good choice, as this summer finds 23-year-old Emma Stone dangling from the rooftops in her blockbuster breakout as Peter Parker’s brainy blonde girlfriend in The Amazing Spider-Man—and gracing her first-ever cover of Vogue. With photos shot by Mario Testino, Stone cultivates a persona all her own, an innate, antic glamour that’s inspired as much by Diane Keaton’sAnnie Hall style as Lanvin and Giambattista Valli. And in July’s profile, Nathan Hellerencounters the actress at the cusp of a pivotal transformation in her young career, after earning her reputation as Hollywood’s go-to girl for strong, spunky characters bridging unreconciled worlds, going brunette for Superbad and making her move from comedy to The Help. “Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides,” says her Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield. “From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be.” In our cover story, Stone recounts what it’s like to see her childhood dreams come true (appearing at the Oscars in February, hosting Saturday Night Live); confesses to a history of panic attacks and how she learned, growing up in Arizona, to channel that anxiety into laughter (“Comedy was my sport”); and reveals how she launched into acting at the age of fourteen (to convince her parents to let her move to L.A. to pursue her dream, she made a PowerPoint presentation). That may have been her first major performance—now, as Spider-Man leaps into theaters, we’ll see her hanging from the precipice, perfectly poised for her next big moment.

“She’s stunning, so she’s disarming,” says Spider-Man producer Matt Tolmach. Jil Sander knit dress with pink cable-knit detail. H. Stern diamond star earrings.

“This is what fashion does for people,” Stone says. “It makes them feel like it’s an extension of themselves.” Dries Van Noten printed blazer, blouse, and pants. Stephen Jones cap. Charvet pocket square. Behnaz

“She’s as funny as or funnier than you are; she’s so quick,” says producer Matt Tolmach. Versus one-sleeve lace top and yellow slip dress. Jil Sander multistrap heels.

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  1. July 17, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    My first concern was that the issue was so slim, it was more of a pamphlet. Inside though there was some great editorial work. As for the cover, too much digital modification can hurt a picture. There is some odd shading around her lips and midsection. Emma Stone’s body is just fine, however they should have Photoshopped in some of the tweed/bouclé to cover the midsection. In fact I just took a black Sharpie and drew in some more black lace for a more satisfactory effect. I have to stress that I thought the shots inside the magazine were great, and I must compliment Tonne Goodman and Emma Stone.

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