Vogue US: June 2012

The Sport Issue

The Olympic frenzy is taking over the world, and we can make it official when Mrs. Wintour let a former Dancing With The Stars contestant, the not so stylish Serena Williams and a hunky male swimmer invade the cover of the june issue of her beloved Vogue Us. If most the singers and actresses do not get close to the supermodels greatness in front of the camera, the athletes are even worst, so choosing Hope Solo, Serena Williams and Ryan Lochte, are probably an odd choice – I never thought that a Dancing with the stars contestant would be on the cover of the A-List magazine -, but it actually works specially because it becomes an ode to the hard work of the hard-working “America’s Olympics Hopefuls”, so it becomes and interesting note that is perfectly appropiate for the season.

The highlight of this issue is with no doubt the Karlie Kloss’ editorial, which is breathtaking and simply magnificent. Couture dresses in sporty scenarios joined by athletes doing what the o best in their quest for Olympic gold captured by none other than Annie Leibovitz, is just glorious. Enjoy the pics from this brilliant editorial and a video in which you can see Ashton Eaton Jumping over the stylishly calmed Karlie in couture… Just Wow.

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