Mary Katrantzou: FW2012

Mary Katrantzou

Fall/Winter 2012-13

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Strong graphic designs put her on the spotlight, made us fall madly in love with her and helped her win the Emerging Talent Award at last year’s British Fashion Awards, Mary Katrantzou has become the epitome of London Fashion Week with captivating prints and edgy designs full of that fairy-tail-fantasy in brilliant collections that are as desirable as they are innovative. Who would not like to wear prints from head to toes in such a magical and alluring way? Simply irresistible.

With the strong purpose of discovering “the beauty in the everyday in a collection where product placement becomes placement print”, Katrantzou beautifully placed spoons, clothes hangers, horses, telephones, clocks, typing machines and luggage tassels to create fantastic patterns in bold and charming colors in structured lampshade-shaped dresses, A-line coats, knitted sweaters, pants and skirts. She even created a yellow-pencils-embroidered dress – yes, real yellow pencils to create a dress -, and she made it work, it was beautiful.

Victorian bustled dresses, strict Elizabethan corsetry, undulating neck ruffles and dresses whose skirts gathered vertically around the body, were wondrously reinvented to create a terrific and modern collection full of avant-guard and extremely desirable pieces that would make you feel like you are living in the most stylish and glamourous fantasy world you could possibly imagine. Pure magic… And who does not want a little bit of magic in life? We all do, and this one was just magnificent.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni

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