Marios Schwab: FW2012

Marios Schwab

Fall/Winter 2012-13

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What does Marios Schwab know how to do best? Beautiful dresses off course, and that is exactly what he gave us. Sleekly-cut-curves-embracing-sexy dresses invaded a runway full of classic and elegant references but with an stylish edge.

Laces, embroideries, sequins and transparencies were charmingly seen in lady-like cocktail and evening dresses full of lust and luxury, with an intense sex-appeal in the most refined and sophisticated way possible. The graphics on the tops, the cut-out neck-lines, the embellishment underneath  the silk dresses with that magnificent lace paneling, and floor-length sheer gowns with alluring sequin leotards underneath, were so smart,  modern, delightful and glamourous, they were pure visual pleasure. But the highlight and climax of the show was reached at the end of it with the final gowns, especially the finale dress, a floor-length embellished see-through creation, with a gem-encrusted collar, that was simply breath-taking. Schwab said it was inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s “naked” dresses. “She wore them near the end of her career and she co-designed them with a Hollywood designer called Jean Louis,” he said. “They were quite shocking at the time.” I guess it was the starting point of the collection because that Dietrich’s sophisticated savoir-vivre was seen through-out the entire show.

 With lots of layering, texture, sparkle, embroidery, mint green and camel tones, Schwab created an wonderfully desirable and covetable collection that was edgy enough to be editorial material but classic and safe enough to be worn by his ultra-famous fans as Lana Del Rey, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen and Kristen Stewart. A smart show, that may not be the most Avant-guard-Lady-Gaga-like-collection, but is certainly extremely beautiful and red-carpet material that would make the the Big Monster of pop go gaga herself. What a beautiful and luxurious collection.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni

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