Calvin Klein: FW2012

Calvin Klein

Fall/Winter 2012-13

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Costa’s luxurious minimalism took a high dose of fabric richness in beautiful yet interesting-avant-guard shapes that came from the hardcore-classic black to a softer pail-peach with a pop of high-energy orange, that translated into a tough collection, but not because of any kind of studded-warrior inspired looks, but because of the powerfulness of the clothes. “It’s very Bauhaus, but about the Bauhaus woman of the 1920s,” Francisco Costa said before the show. “She had strength, she was very powerful”. And that is exactly what you could feel during the show, a hard-working-powerful-independent woman from Wall-Street or even a Hollywood starlet who is not afraid to show a little bit of her sensuality.

A powerful collection with and incredible femininity in sequined dresses with hardcore leather trims and  structured-armor blouses, and extremely thick wool, that created luxurious sartorially-perfect outerwear and astonishingly heavy dresses – those looked really, really, really heavy, but I cannot wait to see them on the red carpet – .

A-line coats, jackets, wide skirts and dresses cinched at the waist with wide metallic-silver belts, gave a 50s feeling to the collection and the transparencies with that alluring peek-a-boo effect felt so sensual and femininely-powerful.

Rooney Mara was on the front row next to the other it girl Emma Stone, and they could not have a better crowd as the models were walking as the most stylishly rich versions of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, with sleek shiny hair and cropped with cut bangs and clean faces that gave more power, toughness and even coolness to a super feminine, clean and avant-guard full of glamourous minimalism collection.

Photos by George Chinsee


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