Marc Jacobs: FW2012

Marc Jacobs

Fall/Winter 2012-13

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A surreal-full-of-magical-imagination background set the tone for a n extreme fantasy full of nonsense-outlandish dreams, but in the best way possible. An alternative eccentric world transformed into a lavish and whimsical collection full of charm and cleverness.

Rachel Feinstein designed the runway inspired by a conversation with the designer in which he told her: “I’m thinking about broken things and Puritans and Pilgrims and kind of fake winter melancholy” for which she answered… “That’s right up my alley”. The result was a Roald-Dhal-worthy scenario full of decaying grottoes made of paper-thin wood. Simply magical, as was the collection. The proportions where as eccentric and smart as the mood. With giant hats, embellished buckled shoes, shiny wide skirts and cropped skinny pants underneath. The show felt like a chic ode to Alice in Wonderland, but the Mad-hatter had never looked so stylish and dapper.

A childish dream that transformed into an incredibly sophisticated collection with and impressive and luxurious richness of fabrics, shapes, colors and mostly patterns. The patterns were insanely beautiful with such a magnificent variety that came from the classic Pied-du-pule to the always amusing arabesque and even the ultra modern patchwork, in such affluent and luscious textures that felt uber-luxurious.

Massive safety-pins for chunky stoles, structured jackets, shimmery  egg shaped dresses with leather, brocades, giant buttons and furry bags the collection felt nostalgic and enchanted. With delightful silhouettes and layers and layers and layers of clothes in such a polished way, it was pure glamour and beauty from beginning to end. There was a 50s feeling to the clothes as well due to that haunting refinement, but with that psychedelia-chic that made it astonishingly modern.

Under all those layers there were magnificent and desirable pieces, statements of desire and pure beauty. And that Fuchsia sequined dress made me gasp of excitement of how beautiful it was, it was the house of madness but in the most exciting, ravishing, alluring and fascinating way possible.

Photos by John Aquino

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